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08-01-2014, 21:14
Hi everybody,

Last year I organised a few meetings among a few TF members to share my journey of learning Spanish very quickly.

When I moved to Tenerife 3 years ago, I knew 0 Spanish, but using various books and techniques, I managed to learn to manage my daily needs effectively in less than 6 months and started to speak Spanish fairly fluently in 1 yr.

Obviously my knowledge/experience of learning 5 other languages helped me, but the techniques I used are definitely applicable for others who are not multilingual.

I met with a few expats last yr, and our meetings set them off to improve their Spanish fairly quickly. I also inroduced some of them to my Spanish friends who wanted to learn English for exchange and practice.

There is NO fee involved and there will NOT be! Nor you will be introduced to a language school through me! In fact I never went to a single language school to learn any of the languages I speak! I am not a Spanish teacher, and my Spanish is far from perfect. I organise these meetings mainly as a hobby, and to make new friends, also it helps me motivate myself to go back to my books and polish rust off my own Spanish.

Those of you who want to join, PM me direct to agree a date that is mutually convenient, and we meet at a cafe for a coffee. I will bring along all my books and Ipad to share different methods I myself used to learn Spanish.
have a wonderful week

Language Fan :)

08-11-2015, 11:23
Do these meetings still occur language fan. I'm Back end of feb for 3 weeks and I'd be interested. We don't have a car so PDlA or Los cris is about as far as we go.

08-11-2015, 13:18
I too would be very interested in coming to these meetings if they do still occur, I seem to have come to a standstill, I use my iPad learning Spanish everyday but when it comes to conversational Spanish I can't understand what people are saying as they speak to fast, I get very annoyed as I know a lot and I want to speak the language so these meeting would be a great help. Look forward to your reply.