View Full Version : Relocation Where is a good area to rent close to Playa de las Americas or Los Cristianos?

20-01-2014, 00:54
Hi! Any1 got a rough idea how much a 3 bed with private pool would be. Will have dogs and baby so will need space. Just joined this site. So excited!!

Tony the Welder
20-01-2014, 05:29
hi depends on area beteen 800 to 1200 euor per mounth is about wright

20-01-2014, 09:42
Thank you, that's what I have seen online but is it easier to get something direct from landlord? And cheaper? Any on know local landlords? X

20-01-2014, 12:52
Hi hope you find what you are looking for but be careful when choosing quite a few of the good size villas are up the hill above the motorway, fine to walk down but need a taxi to get back up there. If it looks cheap then it will most probably be up the hill in Roque Del Conde in PDLA. We used to live up there and bought a car to stop paying out for taxis everyday.

20-01-2014, 14:25
Ye don't think would fancy the walk in that heat 😂 thanks for your help