View Full Version : Entertainment Social night and dance in south Tenerife

14-02-2014, 14:50
Hi everyone I started on this forum a while back with the intention of starting a Dance business in Tenerife as we found there was a lack of this on the Islands.

I am pleased to announce we are holding our opening night at Golf del Sur Clubhouse, on Thursday the 20th February.

The Entry is totally Freeand the venue is amazing 3 bars will hold up to 600 people.
If you like to socialize, meet new people, dance, in a warm friendly atmosphere, this will be a night for you.
All ages from 16 to 80 welcome you will learn to do modern Jive dancing (known in UK as Ceroc or Leroc)there.
This is a promotional night we hope to get as many in as possible this will create a good atmosphere and you can experience it for your selves.
Everyone is invited it doe not matter if your alone, couple or a group everyone that wants to dance gets a partner here.
Please let me know what you think.

18-03-2014, 14:24
Hi I'm coming to Tenerife near Puerto de la Cruz on 29 march and wondered if there is any ceroc dancing.