View Full Version : Who can help with the bureaucracy of becoming self employed in Spain?

18-02-2014, 21:36
Hi everyone, I am planning a fact finding trip to the islands in March with a view to becoming self employed there.

I have heard conflicting advice when it comes to what you need to do regarding NIE numbers, Registration on the Economic Activities Lists (Censo de Actividades Econůmicos),
Registration in the Mercantile Registry (Registro Mercantil)
Registration with the Social Security System etc etc.

Are there English speaking people in the island who can give expert advice about this?

Any pointers much appreciated.

18-02-2014, 23:04
Send a message to forum member goldenmaniac , she will tell you all you need to know. :goodluck:

21-02-2014, 18:45
Thanks obs, I messaged her 3 days ago and am waiting for a reply - I guess she is getting a lot of similar inquiries...

While I wait do you know of anyone else?

21-02-2014, 19:21
http://ccs-tenerife.com/ Crystal Clear Solutions

21-02-2014, 20:38
Thank you Teddy!

21-02-2014, 22:26