View Full Version : Paperwork How do you go about changing the registered address for an NIE?

19-02-2014, 14:42
A friend got her non-resident white NIE number while buying a property here in Tenerife and she stayed with me and gave my address as her Spanish address to obtain her NIE. She has now bought a property and will continue to be a Non-resident but wants to change her address on the system to her new flat. Should she simply write a notice of change of address in Spanish like we did back in the UK, or should she go physically to the policia nacional with photocopies of her escritura, NIE and passport to change her address on the system?

19-02-2014, 17:19
As far as I know she will have had an NIE that was only valid for three months so should go to National Police to renew with current address.I am sure member Goldenmanic will be able to confirm or advise on this.