View Full Version : I need Spanish lessons or a school. 3/4/5 days per week. In south Tenerife.

24-02-2014, 21:29

Having just completed a very basic beginners course I am looking to move forward and would like to increase my lessons to 3/4/5 per week. Or possibly full time for a couple of months.

Read about 'Spanish Code' school in Los Cristianos but cannot see any website working...?

I will be located in Las Americas and would prefer nearby. As my Spanish is obviously still very bad, I was wondering how people of the same level get by when lessons are taught 100% in Spanish. Because how can something be explained to me?

Any information / suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

24-02-2014, 21:48
If you see the link in my signature, you can contact my business partner, Muriel, who is the Spanish teacher in our academy in Playa San Juan. It's about a 20 min bus ride from Las Americas though, so you might find somewhere closer.

I teach English and never speak Spanish in class. You can use hand gestures, drawings, any manner of things to explain meaning. The simple fact that you do not translate, actually means that you learn the language quicker. Your brain makes the effort. It's called total immersion.

24-02-2014, 21:59
I would suggest you contact Val George at San Eugenio, she has very reasonable charges, around €14 for a 2 hour lesson. If you like I will get a phone number for you, just pm me and I will contact her via facebook

14-05-2015, 13:00
hey how are you? if you need spanish classes door to door i can teach you.. im in the south of the island, so let me know if you are interest

13-08-2015, 21:38
Hi just wondered did you have any luck finding Spanish language teacher, Im looking for the same thing- 4 or 5 lessons a week for a couple of months.

13-08-2015, 21:54
where are you based?