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13-03-2014, 19:58
We have recently lost a long standing client, when he came to us his family informed us he had a funeral plans and so it was duly noted, but when the time came to implement we found the problem

The plan was taken out in 2002 at the cost of 420 at the Royal Sun Alliance office in Los Gigantes, the office has since closed and the business sold on, when we rang the contact number given on the plan it was someones private house number and she told us that there was no forwarding number , when we contact RSA we were told that as far as they were aware the office only bought car and house insurance from them and couldnt help

Fortunately the family were in a position to pay the now greatly increased fee of 1500, but I am sure not everyone would be and that is why people take out these plans originally

So my advise to all you older people out there, who, like my friend bought your a long while ago to plan for the future, check if it is still valid or like my friend you wasted your money all those years ago

Malteser Monkey
14-03-2014, 10:44
Good advice