View Full Version : Relocation Which is best in Tenerife? Wood or man made furniture?

15-04-2014, 19:43
Which is better to have in the house in Tenerife? I will be buying later this year and think that maybe it is personal preference that rules the decision but wondered with the ants that seem to be everywhere and possibly other beasties, whether MDF type like IKEA stuff may be better.Has anyone got an opinion on this. I know that woodlice like wood (no brainer there:lol:) but it is the other beasties that lurk about.
Thx in advance and have a good Easter!

15-04-2014, 20:02
We ave a mixture if the two and no problems

15-04-2014, 22:33
I have had both woodworm and termites chewing on my wooden furniture and even on the parquet floors here in Tenerife.

I'd suggest you don't invest in expensive, fine wood furniture but rather a few pieces of standard or rustic combined with some tubular metal or synthetic material pieces.

If you do get woodworm (seen by small piles of fine sawdust under a piece of wooden furniture or doors, windows etc. and with pinholes in the wood above the sawdust), get a paint-on or spray-on liquid for "carcoma" (Spanish for woodworm). Mercadona sells it in spray cans in the furniture polish/insect spray section.

15-04-2014, 23:24
Natural formed wood furniture?

always a hit


16-04-2014, 23:24
Thx I will probably end up with a mixture of Ikea and things bought from house sales until I get on my feet so to speak.

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Thx great tip for the spray!