View Full Version : Employment Chef/Bar couple looking for work in Sept 2014

18-04-2014, 20:19
We are a friendly couple. I'm a 37 year old male and my partner of 2 1/2 years is 32. We both have experience working abroad i.e. Malia, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Cologne, Biarritz. In the UK we are agency bar/b&b managers with 15 years in the business. I am am also a fully trained chef with tools and whites and a Graphic Designer also with tools and past projects to show. My partner is a Bar Supervisor/Head Waitress/Assistant Manager/Commis Chef/Housekeeper. We come from a background of working 7 day weeks firing up and running venues so you are guaranteed 2 people who aren't afraid of hard work. If your interested in our services we don't intend on going out to Tenerife until September so you have plenty of time to go through our credentials. Also we can supply contact number and mail at request.