View Full Version : Relocation Advice needed about setting up as a childminder in Tenerife

04-05-2014, 20:32
Hi, I am looking at some advice please.

Firstly I am a newbee to the site. I have spent many years looking through here on the advice given to others. My husband, 3 children and I are hopefully moving here around the summer of 2015 after 5 years of planning and saving and lots and lots of research into it.

At the moment in the UK I am a childminder, I work in my own home looking after others children's. I have children that come for breakfast, I will then take them to school, collect them from school at the end of the day and give them their tea. Their parents collect them once they have finished work. I also have pre school children during the day where I follow the EYFS. Having my own business I have all relevent qualifacations and checks needed to work with children along with alot of experience and OFSTED inspections.
When we do move, I would like to carry on this line of work.

Are there any 'home childminders' about in Tenerife, is this something that could work? I know Spanish keep their kids close to them so I will be looking at advertising to expats.
Also can anyone give me info on setting up a childminding business working in your own home along with what qualifacations Spanish expect to work with children. Will I need to follow a EYFS? Do Spanish have anything like OFSTED? Is there a limit on how many children I can care for per Adult?
Any info on setting up a business along with info on working with children would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading,