View Full Version : Relocation I'm trying to find out peoples opinions of the Guia De Isora area of Tenerife

10-05-2014, 20:05
Hello, We have been delayed in our search for homes to relocate. Started on the search once again and would
love to get peoples opinions about the Guia De Isora area. We have been looking at properties around there and
have made many visits to villages in the area but who can tell me what its like to actually live there.
Would love to hear what you all have to say?? Early retirement for us :wave:

10-05-2014, 20:45
If you consider Tijoco Bajo in the Guia de Isora area ..
all i can say is its very welcoming from the locals,we have lived here for nearly 10 years, have had village parties ,fiestas and got to know people who live here, be them Canarian or ex-pats from different countries and we wouldn,t change any of it ....
we are very happy where we are .. summer time can become quite hot weather wise. but do what the locals do and get yourselves off down to the beach(es)..

11-05-2014, 11:18
Cold would be my thoughts about Guía de Isora

11-05-2014, 12:20
Cold would be my thoughts about Guía de Isora

And a bit snowy!!:p

Malteser Monkey
11-05-2014, 12:22
And a bit snowy!!:p

Shall we bring our sledges :crazy:

11-05-2014, 16:46
Do your research on the climate. Tenerife is not warm all the year, except the coastal strip on the southwest coast. Los Cris to Los Gigantes. If temperature is not impòrtant, then anywhere in Tenerife is a nice place to live, but don't expect to sunbathe in February.