View Full Version : Relocation We want to move to Tenerife. Does anyone have any tips or advice?

31-05-2014, 15:00
Hello all,

Iv live in thailand with my ex wife and loved it but had to move back!! ?

Been back in the uk for 4 years now and now with my new partner.
we have children and very happy. We came to tenerife last year ( northern) and i fell in love with the place. Enjoy the quite side with nice bars food music, not into the busy crazy side.

will be spending some time on this site as i wish to learn as much as possible about this place before we move..

any advice rips etc, many thanks and look forward to getting to know you all.

shane n jodie:hello:

31-05-2014, 18:09
Welcome to the forum:welcome::wave:

31-05-2014, 22:41
Welcome to the Forum I live in the North so I suppose you could say I am bias

01-06-2014, 22:11
You are northen or you stayed in the North? :spin: Either way welcome. Try the South before you mover for good!

05-06-2014, 15:18
Hello :) and welcome!
I've been living in La Laguna for 2 and a half months now so I'm hoping my experiences living in the North may help.

If I had to give any advice, it would be to have a solid basic knowledge of Spanish as the North does not have many English speakers - Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz will have more English speakers but not like the South. And especially if you are going to be looking for work, you will most definitely need a good level of Spanish in the North but again you can find work in the South and travel.

The local Spanish bars and restaurants in the North are great to help you grasp the language a lot quicker and learn the Canarian slang! ;) So the next time you are over, try more of these bars and in no time you will be speaking Spanish.

Also, regarding paperwork, I got my NIE number while I was still in the UK to allow you to rent a house etc. before you arrive in Tenerife and then renew the papers with your Spanish address when you arrive - Would recommend doing this in the South (although the offices are a lot busier) as there are no English speakers in the Offices in the North.

As Greg mentioned above, the south might be a good place to start before moving over for good but I moved to the North straight away (like you, I fell in love with the North of Tenerife) so far loving it!

Hope this helps :) and good luck!

05-06-2014, 15:32
I skipped both North and South and moved direct to El Hierro. Although our address is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we are 75 miles across the pond to the southwest and in a completely different world…………….