View Full Version : Paperwork Information needed about being South African and applying for Spanish residency

05-06-2014, 02:10
The joys of having a South African Partner, I was wondering if any of you knowledgable folks could help me. My Partner is South African and we have now decided that the time has come to make it more permanent. She has decided to sell up in SA and come live in Tenerife.

She is a Self Employed Forex Trader and would have no Financial dependancy on Spain, We are working through the Visa application and whilst it seems pretty straight forward we know she needs a Spanish Based Medical Insurance and an application for Permanent Visa is to be made through the Spanish Consulate in Pretoria, we have a list of the requirements regarding a letter from her Home office and criminal disclosure search.

I think we have most bases covered but there are always some hidden problems that you don't forsee, so if anyone or any South Africans on the Forums have gone through this process I would be more than interested to hear your comments. Many thanks for any help comments forthcoming.

12-06-2014, 12:22
I will just make a note of that.... ???

12-06-2014, 15:44
I thought any one coming from outside the EU had to bring 30,000 euros but perhaps that was long ago