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11-06-2014, 17:54
Hi Tenerifers!

My name is Kasper and i worry a awful lot about this suddenly company requirement :D

I would appreciate it deeply if you could find the time and ressources to be able to help me get started on this new adventure in relocating to tenerife.
"I never been to the Canaries before so its all new"

My company is forcing me to move with them or quit the job. The job was based in Ireland and now they are moving to Tenerife.
I need some good answers... I want to know if it is possible for my lifestyle as a amaturish musician and computer producer to be able to live on Tenerife and is music as a whole a cherished and happy enjoyment in the canaries? This is my absolutely basic need to be a happy person so its very important
Like joining a Musician community. and with the salary offered which is about 1000 euro monthly be able to actually live and still have my music hobby.

We are moving to the north part of tenerife is that a problem regarding finding some apartment rents ? and overall i just need a hell of a lot of info on how to go about this.

this is my first time actually moving what serves is adviced to use if you need to move stuff like lets say a Computer "Stationary and Piano "Digital" i can give measures if that helps.
its not a whole house i want to move but i got some basic equipment i would really love to take with me from Ireland to Tenerife basically Office Chair, Computer and Speakers-Piano.

I appreciate all the help i can get.. Happy feelings and good cheers everyone :)

12-06-2014, 00:03
Welcome to the Forum
If your company is moving you for your job, will they not help you to find accommodation and also with the move

Maybe other folk from your company and yourself could share a container to bring your goods with you just an idea.

12-06-2014, 07:55
Hi and welcome to the forum. :) Only my opinion, and I am not normally negative, but as you don't express any great desire to actually want to be in Tenerife, and you are being forced to come here by your company, is it worth it for €1000 per month?.

It is not a large amount to live on, It's a huge upheaval, a very different lifestyle and moving to the North and not speaking any Spanish you may find it not so easy to communicate and settle in. You may be better off looking for another job and staying in Ireland. Many people come here to "live the dream" and many struggle to make ends meet, but they have the motivation that Tenerife is the place is they want to be. What will be your motivation when things get tough? I don't know about any music culture/clubs in Tenerife especially in the North, someone else may be able to give you more information there.

Good luck if you decide to come, and I hope you make a go of it.

tracy hampshire
12-06-2014, 09:51
where abouts in the north are you moving to, in general the north is far cheaper than the south, so you should be able to live well on a 1000 euros a month , there are many apartments even houses for rent up here for between 300- 400 euros a month , even cheaper depending on where you are :)

12-06-2014, 17:34
Hey tracy i am going to live in Santa Cruz.. thats where the company has there working place. company is Atos.
if thats any help.

To everyone thanks for the responses.

12-06-2014, 21:21
I assume this is it http://www.tenerifenews.org.es/2013/02/new-atos-centre-to-create-200-extra-jobs/, based here you could live in a multitude of places in the north.

13-06-2014, 06:58
I assume this is it http://www.tenerifenews.org.es/2013/02/new-atos-centre-to-create-200-extra-jobs/, based here you could live in a multitude of places in the north.

Yeah thats it thats the place im going. good find :)

23-06-2015, 13:28
PC Support, New Systems, Spares & Repairs; Home/Office Visits
Computer Lessons; Internet Access; International Phone; DVD Rentals; Fax; Photocopy

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