View Full Version : Tax Does anyone know what the penalties are for making an incorrect tax declaration?

mike in chayofa
16-06-2014, 19:39
Oooops. I am going to be in trouble. I have not declared UK pensions on my Spanish modelo 100.

I don't even know why because even with these included, I am still under the tax threshold, so I won't owe any tax.

The question is - will there be a fine for making a false declaration and if so, how much?

16-06-2014, 21:46
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16-06-2014, 21:47
I doubt it unless they catch you... but I am not an expert. I was under the impression that they do a 'random audit' and if they catch you then you might get a fine. I was audited last year for the first time in 7 years, but I was fine.

mike in chayofa
17-06-2014, 08:51
I doubt it unless they catch you....

They have caught me. My modelo 100 for 2013 was submitted and they came back to say that I hadn't declared two pensions that I receive in the UK.

I am taxed in the UK on these pensions, but even if they add these to my Spanish income, I'm still not going to be liable for any Spanish tax.

I suspect that once 2013 is sorted, they will start an investigation. I still won't owe them any tax, but it is the possible fines that conern me and also if they embargo my bank account, the aggravation will be horrendous because all my direct debits go out of this account.

My own stupid fault, I know. I have had health problems again for the last few months (which I have documentary evidence), so they may decide that it isn't worth the trouble. I guess that it will be motivated by the level of fines

17-06-2014, 10:14
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17-06-2014, 14:49
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17-06-2014, 16:31
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17-06-2014, 17:26
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