View Full Version : Tax Tax payable on UK pension in Spain

26-06-2014, 20:48
I am coming to live in Tenerife, at present I receive a small non taxable pension in the UK, which is my only income. Will I have to pay tax on this when living in Tenerife. My pension will be paid into my English bank account.

27-06-2014, 11:08
Send a private message to member Goldenmaniac , she will give you accurate advice

27-06-2014, 16:41
You will have to do a tax return and declare all income once you are fiscally resident, whether you pay any tax will depend upon what you declare. As stated above always best to take advice so you know where you stand.

mike in chayofa
27-06-2014, 17:40
I receive a small non taxable pension in the UK.

You may pay no tax on this pension because you are under the tax threshold, but it is still taxable income

Tax free allowances are lower too. Under 65 - 5.151€ ...... Over 65 - 6069€ ........ Over 75 - 7.191€ ... These figures are for one person, so they are double if you are married

The tax rate is currently 24.75%