View Full Version : Would you like to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way this summer?

Mila Teacher
01-07-2014, 11:41
Would you like to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way?:lol: I am Mila, a qualified and experienced native Spanish teacher. I am trying to complete two small groups (maximum 6 students): a group of beginner level and other intermediate. Classes are in El Médano. Special offer, only for forum members , the lesson only cost 8 Euros! Speak Spanish since the first day. Try a free lesson!:)

Mila Teacher
03-07-2014, 23:38
Hi everyone!:hi:

I thank you all for the messages received and the interest shown towards my initiative :thanx:

The next Thursday morning you are invited to try a lesson and test your Spanish level, FREE and without obligation.

If you want more information, please, write me.

See you in El Médano!:welcome:

Gareth Clough
04-07-2014, 00:49
Hi that sounds great! I´d like to come to a lesson.

15-07-2014, 12:34
Hi Mila and everyone!

That sounds great! We are also offering summer Spanish lessons in El Médano. Perhaps, we could work together in the future Mila. Good luck with your groups anyway!

Our summer lessons are only 5€ an hour and there are places available from next Monday. Just come and see us from 9:00 to 13:00 to book your space. We have native teachers, AIR CON, iPads, projectors and loads of other resources plus a coffee machine with extremely tasty coffee! Have a look at our web bla-tenerife.com to check what the school is like and for any more information, please call us at any time.