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23-06-2011, 15:30
New Tesco price blunder sees second beer stampede

A pricing glitch saw Britons cash in as cans of Carling, Kronenberg and Budweiser sold for 17p at Tesco yesterday.

As word spread across the country shoppers rushed to take advantage, with some posting pictures online of shopping trolleys stacked high with bargain booze.

"Everyone get to Tesco at Wath [in Yorkshire] … a crate of 24 bottles is 4, it's like the place has been looted," Dean Prigmore said on Twitter.

"27 crates of beer for 95 at Tesco. Error on till at Bradley Stoke Bristol. Going to be a good Glastonbury," posted Andrew Brunt.

The trouble at the tills

The problem was with a discount — the deal was meant to be 4 off when you bought two 12-can cases. So 24 cans for 16 rather than 20.

However, instead of taking off 4, the tills registered that as the total price instead. News of the error spread before 10:30am yesterday and people were still cashing in hours later.

Carling, Fosters, Budweiser, Becks, Boddingtons, Kronenberg, Strongbow and Stella Artois were all available as part of the deal.

23-06-2011, 15:38
We do though...........
- what's that 17p ? that's about 20 cents.
During most of April Lidl was selling cans of Finkbrau (quite drinkable lager) for 15 cents a can.

People were loading up vans.

23-06-2011, 15:43
eck i missed that one :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

24-06-2011, 13:52
eck i missed that one :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

I didn't......:eyebrows::eyebrows::eyebrows: