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14-09-2014, 18:09
Hello my name is Sean and I am new to the forum. I am looking at the possibility of moving over there long term within the next year or so. I am a DJ and a personal trainer, I have spoken to a few people and they have told me I have next to no chance of getting work over there, let alone in my occupations, and if I did I would be on such a ridiculously low wage that I'd struggle to survive.
I have just finished my 6th summer in Zante, Greece. Many people say the same that it is impossible to survive in Greece etc but I know first hand it is very easy to find work.
I am looking to work as close to year round as possible, I don't want to work like a dog for 5 months and then spend the next 7 waiting for tourists to arrive. So could someone please shed some light on this subject, with some enlightenment to roughly what the average wage is over there.

Many Thanks guys

14-09-2014, 18:41
I would say that your problem in Tenerife would be lack of opportunity for employment as a dj as compared with Zante . Ok in Tenerife you have 12 month year round tourist season but there is little youth mass tourism to provide youth clubbing and work for you . The only small bit of playa las Americas that caters for young nightclubers , Veronica's ,the canary authorities would prefer to see closed down .

Basically most of the tourist hotspots in Tenerife cater for the oap market , unkind people might say many places are gods waiting room . Entertainment is by club turns , usually singers doing hits if the 1960,,s country and western etc.

You get bingo often before the turn, but I personally have not seen anywhere with dj, s

14-09-2014, 20:55
Thanks, yes whilst the "club scene" is more ideal for me I also have experience DJing in a family orientated resort where I was playing many 70s songs and party etc. I have also a fair bit of experience DJing weddings. But playing music long term for me would be better a part time thing, one or two nights a week. Residencies get tedious and too repetitive. I'd ideally prefer to work within the fitness industry but I'd imagine opportunity over there for that is again very low. I am considering doing my qualifications before I come to be able to be a watersports instructor also. I hope between that, personal training and part time DJ I could at least survive?
I guess the main thing I am wondering is what are my prospects like to live comfortably? I don't smoke and rarely drink, I cook most of my own meals etc. so my expenses are often quite low.
How comfortably are people living over there on average? Thank you again for your input.


14-09-2014, 21:11
I don't live in Tenerife , I love the place having taken holidays for years , 10 years ago I bought my own apartment to holiday in, maybe I will enjoy long stays in retirement with gods grace and luck.

Earning a living there may be a challenge but living cost I think would be reasonable .

Your dj skill would have to be in Veronica's I think , job hunting would be needed in that zone.

Hopefully forum members who live and work on the island will give you some guidance about these considerations

14-09-2014, 21:13
Basically there are too many people chasing very few opportunities, even if you speak fluent Spanish and other languages, you will struggle.

14-09-2014, 21:54
Thank you cressrt for being honest, my spanish isn't up to scratch, although I had hoped to learn more before moving, but I don't want to move somewhere and be forever chasing enough work just to survive. When too many people are looking for the same job it just drives the wage down for everyone. Maybe I will head over for a cheap 1 week holiday and see if I can secure something...if not its back to the drawing board. Thanks :)