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14-09-2014, 19:52
Hi guys, I could use some more information abou paro, perhaps anybody has some experiences or so.
For a record, I have lived and worked here for one year, with leagal contract, 40h per week, paying contribution to social security. So my questions are:
1. Am I entitled for paro if my contract is finished (I have not been fired, but also didnt quit the job, simply wait untill the contract ends.)
2. My contract was exactly for one year by the contract (so it includes also day offs and vocation)
3. Amoung other papers is needed paper about children, do I still need equalient paper if I am not married and dont have any children.

mike in chayofa
15-09-2014, 10:38
You need to contact a professional to sort this out. Try Goldenmaniac on the forum. The rules keep changing.

You will need to have worked for at least 360 days in the six years previous to your application at INEM

It used to be that for every year worked, you will get 4 months 'paro'. The paro is calculated according to the final salary you have on your payslip and they pay you 70% of tha.

After that ends, you might get the 'Subsidio por desempleo', but things do keep changing.

If you have worked previously in the UK and paid SS there, you might be able to claim benefits here in Spain, presenting the U1 document from the UK. Unfortunately, they will want this form even though it only shows your social security payments in the UK - which will presumably be zero. You can however obtain details of all your social security payments in the UK from the date thay you started working, so ask for this too (I can't just find my documentation,)

15-09-2014, 17:17
If you can understand Spanish have a look here http://www.sepe.es/contenidos/personas/prestaciones/quiero_cobrar_paro/he_trabajado_mas_de_un_ano.html You will need to make 2 appointments FIRSTLY One for the Canarian Employment service to register as a job seeker https://sede.gobcan.es/empleo/sce/cita_previa and then 2nd with Sepe to make a claim for unemployment benefit. https://sede.sepe.gob.es/contenidosSede/generico.do?pagina=proce_ciudadanos/cita_previa.html You have 15 days from your last day of work INCLUDING any paid holidays.