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19-09-2014, 13:23
good day we look for mtb and road tour guide,speaking english,working in a group,leading a group,fixing bike,cleaning bike,fun.
send CV for information and accommodations included.

23-09-2014, 12:37
Good day,
I'am Gaetano Blasi, italian, agen 40, planning to come soon in Tenerife. I'm a skipper, used to work outdoor with clients from all the world and well trained, looking for every job of the same nature (no office ). I have some experience with mtb in the european Alps, Trentino Alto-Adige.
If i somehow can fit your profile please send me more info.

23-09-2014, 14:51
Buongiorno la mia mail č tenerifefreeride******.com lei ha esperienza di mtb o bici da corsa? A che livello?
Si trova giā a Tenerife?

28-09-2014, 08:49
Buongiorno la mia mail č tenerifefreeride******.com lei ha esperienza di mtb o bici da corsa? A che livello?
Si trova giā a Tenerife?

Hi, can you please post in English on the forum. If you want to send an email address or write in Italian, please do it via the private messaging system. Thanks :)

02-10-2014, 08:48
Hi sry for the delay but i could not open the website . I have only non-professional experience with mountain bike: but i know how it works, i can use it on tough tracks, i can fix it with the right tools.
actually i am not in tenerife but i am planning to move as soon as i get a job
my mail is gaetano_blasi******.it

06-10-2014, 15:02
Dear Sir/Madam

Back in The Netherlands, I ran a bicycle shop for 10 years. Started as a mechanic and then later being the manager. With the right tools, I can pretty much fix anything. Replacing and adjusting the whole gear system, (hydrolic)brakes. If there are some spokes broken, no problem. At this time i'm working in a similar shop in Turkey, but 'winter is coming' and soon the season will be over.
What can you tell me about the working hours? How big are the groups and what age are your customers usually?
I see you are offering accommodation, where would that be and where is your business based. Maybe you have a link of your website?
When will the job start? Will there be any other sort of wages?

I speak fluently English and Dutch, a fair share of German and a little French.

If this sound appealing to you, please send me a message, so i can send you my resume and provide you with more information, if needed.

Kind regards
Sangam Tijssen

16-11-2014, 19:37
Hi Freeride. I have moutain bike experiece as a sport/hobby along with road bike experience. I currently work as a fitness instructor in the UK and also part time as a qualified off road quad bike instructor. I am mechanically minded and I am sure I could deal with the majority of repairs roadside. I plan to move over in March/April. I can see you have had some very seasoned applications so I am not sure mine is strong enough to want to see a CV?
I am bringing my 4/5 bikes with me when I move (decided to bring a bike for every occasion)
If you don't have the position filled and would like my CV let me know.