View Full Version : Relocation Moving to Tenerife. How do I bring a bike?

16-10-2014, 10:23
So I'm moving on Tuesday, from Denmark, and I have a question regarding bringing my electric bike down there.
I'm flying and have found no airline willing to take an electric bike, even if the battery isn't in.
I've been looking at shipping options and it seems that postal is the way to go, however the bike weighs 23 kilos (w.o battery) and the max. weight is 20, so I'll have to ship the front wheel separately :).
My question is, is there a better way?
I'm going to have to insure the package and since it'll be big, I imagine I'll still be charged tax/duty. Is there a site where you can calculate how much? Since I'll be moving permanently, for work, is there some allowance for personal effects?

I've also been looking at taking the train to Spain and then the ferry :spin:, but I don't have the time or the money, although if duty/tax is more than 10-15%, I might have to consider waiting till I'm going back for vacation.

Another question: Since duty is levied on stuff from EU, isn't it cheaper generally to buy from USA or China? Is the rate the same, no matter the country of origin?