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22-10-2014, 12:46
I am planning to come to live in Tenerife (preferably Puerto de la Cruz) sometime during the first part of 2015. I don't intend to buy: I usually change places every two years or so, as I always want to check out somewhere new and different, despite my advanced age. I have worked internationally most of my life (in over 50 countries), being based mostly in the USA (though I am a citizen of Sweden, also a EU country) and like change and adventure.

However, I am now almost 71 and need more comfort ( a view, a pool, nice terrace, close to downtown and public transportation yet not in a predominantly turist trap) than I did earlier and thus would prefer to find something really suitable in Tenerife right away. And I have a pair of cats, while renting with cats is usually a problem.
So my question is: is there, perhaps, a period of time where the rental properties are available in more abundance than at other times? And if so when would it be?
I have been watching ads on idealista (I have lived and worked in Central America and in Caribbean Puerto Rico, so I can manage to communicate in rudimentary Spanish) since summer and noticed that in summer there were substantially more ads and more varied properties than now. Is that typical?
Any advice, please?