View Full Version : Employment What is the situation with employment in Tenerife from November to May?

26-10-2014, 19:40

I am looking for an opportunity to go to Tenerife and to look for a job (in hotel or restaurant for the first start or admin position). I speak english fluenty, I also can speak Russian and want to learn spanish as well. What is the best place in Tenerife to look for a job? Which way is the best for looking a job? And what is situation there at the moment with the jobs?

Thank you.

27-10-2014, 07:12
Not sure what your native language is but if it is Russian I would say you probably have a better chance than most to find work.
There are jobs out there although most are not that well paid. Try to learn some Spanish before you come

27-10-2014, 07:23
I have been learning spanish some years ago, but the skills are already forgotten, hope it will be not so hard to remember it :)is it better to look for a job in a place, I means like "knocking the doors"? Or it is possible to find a job by sending CV?

27-10-2014, 07:25
There are some website for applying for jobs but a lot will be just knocking on doors. Search through here on other threads and see if you can find them if not PM me and I will ask which they are