View Full Version : I am looking for shared accommodation in Los Cristianos or las Americas

29-10-2014, 21:10
I want something for upto 6 month if possible as of first week Dec I arrive my Max. budget is 70 a week for a share. long story I lost a big business so having to start over from scratch hence budget - I am late 40's non smoker, very occasional drink, laid back, clean tidy easy going get on well with people - ideal guy....

Must, though have good internet available and No noisy bars near by or on a busy main street as do a lot of work on skype video etc and speaking to clients International various time - Plus very light sleeper!

Hopefully someone can help or point me in right direction....

Many thanks

Malteser Monkey
30-10-2014, 11:39
I'll give this a little :jumping:

See if we can't help you find summit