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06-11-2014, 16:51
Hi everyone!

We are looking for an English teacher for our school in El Medano: Bla-Languages!

The position would be part-time. Abour 15 - 20 hours a week. There's no need to speak any Spanish. We can offer free Spanish lessons if necessary. However, we do need someone who has some teaching experience, qualifications and who is active, dynamic, a good team player and is willing to innovate and have fun doing his/her job!

Please get in touch with us through the Forum or through our website

Thanks a lot!

11-11-2014, 22:31
Hi my name is Shaun and I am moving to Tenerife on the 07/01/2015,

I lived there quite a few years ago and have never quite settled since moving back to England.

I am 34 years old and I am capable of a whole host of duties which will hopefully benefit me on the Island.

I have worked in the building trade for several years in Jobs ranging from demolition labourer, site supervisor, hod carrier, excavator driver.

My real flair was in sales though which was only realised after being temporarily laid off due to a contract ending.

I have sold telecoms, gas and electricity, PPI on the phone while also selling face to face with the public and trade selling reclaimed building materials such as slates, stone, flags, bricks etc etc.

I have bar work experience as I worked at Linekers when I was last over there and have also worked at the Red Lion in Magaluf and Bobbys on BCM Square, and worked on the booze cruises in Ibiza ( in my younger days of course lol ).

I am also Tefl certified as I was going to work in an orphanage in Mozambique but had to put the plans on hold due to financial issues.

I am a born hard worker and can adapt to any environment at any time.

I am not expecting a job ready rolled out when I get there but if there is any interest I am happy to work a week for free to prove my worth for the right job.

Look forward to hearing from you or even more forward to seeing you as the dates are getting closer now and I am all pumped up now ready to start my new life in the sunshine :wave.

Please pm if you see any attributes of interest or if there is anything I have not covered and I will respond asap.

Have a great day and hopefully see you soon


12-01-2015, 10:12
Is this job still available?

25-03-2015, 05:51
I am a mature and university qualified teacher of English and other languages who is looking for a position on the island. I amd travelling to Tenerife next week and will live in Costa del Silencio as a long term resident with a view to staying and working.
I have taught English as a second and foreign language and am a Spanish speaker also. I can also offer Spanish with French and Italian as other languages. I have British curriculum and University of Cambridge examinatiuon experience from beginner level to adult professional..
I have other experience in sales and property negotiation and have also as a solo musician/guitarist and singer performed easy listening live music for dining and functions.

With your vacancy in El Medano in mind, I would like to be placed in the job. I am available and look forward to receiving further informatiuon regarding hopefully an interview.

Yours faithfiully
Tomas Alberto Maria Levette. PhD, Cert Ed[postgrad]
Tel 0044-7487651423