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14-11-2014, 00:17

Moving to the Island in march 2015 with a genuine interest in making a new life in Tenerife. However, I am more than aware it wont be easy at all, but id rather get out there and try rather than sit on my bum at home thinking what if.

I have booked 28 nights accomodation in los cristianos but would like some advice on the best place/people or way of finding a 1 or 2 bed rental on a more permanant basis.

If you have any contacts, that would be great.

Thank you!

Tony the Welder
14-11-2014, 07:13
hi good on you if you do not try then you have already failed any idear of area and price range so people can help you

14-11-2014, 22:36
Guessing you've been before hence the choice. We use Tenerife Island Rentals who are in LC to rent ours out, although there are 3 or 4 I'm aware of that will offer this service. Hope it all works out - we plan to do the same in about 7 years.

14-11-2014, 23:06
That's right. We have visited all the canaries but feel there will be more opportunities in Tenerife if any.

That's really helpful. Thank you.

all the best to you also :)

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Thanks Tony.

It will be in Los Cristianos ideally.

Any suggestions ?

Tony the Welder
15-11-2014, 07:54
all depends on the opportunities you are looking for , use your 28 days wisely do not get tied up with long contracts on accom unless you are sure it is where you want to be and you can afford it a lot of people live out side los cris and la and if they work in these areas travel in, a lot of people are waiting to get their hands on your money so be careful talk to lots of people and ask lots of questions

17-11-2014, 15:07
Lots more questions to be answered really on this. Are you coming out for 28 days soon so you can get an idea where you want to be or to find a place that you can then move into in March. If you are buying the process takes a few months so you would need to be finding somewhere, source the funding and find a solicitor - suggest one on the island. If it was me and I wasn't too familiar I'd still go with a short term rent, say 6 months which will give you a good slug of time to decide where you really want to be and get a very good feel of the place.
From your comments I'm picking up you would need to work. Not easy depending upon what you are willing/capable of doing. Would you earn enough to be able to live on.
Agree that LC/LA and around that area are generally more expensive and getting out of this area you should get a lower price/more for your money. but do you drive or would you be on a transport route. Parking is horrendous pretty much anywhere so bear this in mind.
We prefer being near the life but are in Torviscas Alto which is quiet but close enough to get to the busier parts after 5-10 minutes walking but always get the taxi back up!! We like the choice of bars/restaurants and the walking on the beach. Quiet often was to LC from there which takes about 90 minutes, assuming no stops. Also go to Medano (again an good walk along the beach although not been up Montana Roja yet, only the small lump) and like Alcala which is generally very quiet, but they have built a hotel which pretty much doubles the population.
Hope it all works out for you and I'm slightly jealous, although when we come out the plan is not to work, but we may do something for a while, who knows.

17-11-2014, 19:51
Same here i was hoping for november this year but looks more like march now 2015 .Hope all goes well what type of work would you be looking for? I am a joiner/ builder self employed And also a satellite dish aerial and Iptv home media installation enginner. All the best keep us informed . Lots of realy nice helpfull people on here.....

12-12-2014, 03:04
I too am also moving to Tenerife on the 7th January 2015, this is what I have learned, the best place for accommodation is fotocasa.es, they have hundreds of apartments and houses direct from the landlord so the deals are exceptional, I too was also planning to move south but when I looked into pricing it seemed more suitable living up North in and around Santa Cruz where you get much more value for money, unfortunately I did jump the gun and went and paid to do a cbt test so I could get a scooter over there as I do not drive but I have recently discovered that this scooter license is worthless so be warned I have arranged to work from home doing sales for an English company called TMC DIRECT, if you have a sales background it may be worth a look, 28 days is a lot more preperation than I have, I have a week at the aquamarine golf in golf del Sur and then will need to be accommodated so need somewhere with good WiFi for work purposes. And last but not least you will need to obtain your nie number. This is needed by Spanish law to start work/rent-buy property in Spain, I have lived in Tenerife previously and also lived in magaluf and Ibiza in my younger days but have decided Tenerife is the best place for a long term solution. I will keep you posted on myprogress if that's any help and update anything else I find useful. Good luck my friend and may bump into you soon ��


Jay Charlotte
19-03-2015, 21:45
Hi are you still looking for accommodation? I want to move next weekend and want to do a flat share

29-05-2015, 12:30
Either your enjoying yourself too much or you're back in the UK. Any updates and feedback on the experience?

28-09-2015, 21:32
Hello sorry to bother you! I am hoping to move to tenerife this December. I will be renting a place on my own and finding work when i arrive. How do I go about obtaining an NIE number before I get to tenerife?? I thought you had to go to the police station. Also do you know how I go about getting a certificate of registration or is that not needed until i have been there a while

28-09-2015, 22:50
Not sure whether you still can but you used to be able to apply for NIE at Spanish Embassy in the UK give them a phone call to see if still possible

28-09-2015, 23:00
Hi , I am moving to Tenerife too but not till November 2016 I am looking for accomadation too ! Have you got a job ?