View Full Version : How easy is it to find work in South Tenerife?

10-12-2014, 22:31
Hello all, I am a resident in the UK, but considering moving to south tenerife, or at least an extended stay for around 3 months in the first instance to get a feel for "everyday" life before i make the final decision. Im a Decorator by trade and wondered what the chances of securing work might be? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

Tony the Welder
11-12-2014, 09:21
hi there newbie lot of people over here looking for work chances of securing work in your trade or any other trade very slim but not impossible but it would almost certainly be working black on a day to day scenario ,

12-12-2014, 14:48
Hard especially in your profession as there are lots if semi retired people doing little jobs