View Full Version : Reorganisation of the main menu on the Tenerife Forum

26-12-2014, 13:49
Some of you may have noticed that the main navigation for the forum has changed. It has been streamlined to make things easier to find.

There is now a Useful Links menu that has access to things like the Forum Rules, TV Guides (UK and Spain), Subscribed Threads, Unanswered Threads (so you can check if anyone needs help :) ), Our Facebook and Twitter apps, etc. Quick Links has now been removed from other areas.

We now have a link to the Arcade again, as you can read about here : http://www.tenerifeforum.org/tenerife-forum/showthread.php?36716-Tenerife-Forum-Arcade-installed

There is a Save Money link. This will be populated with direct links to information articles on the forum, or companies that can provide good services and save our members money.

There is now a Contact Us link that goes straight to the support desk for any queries.

The FAQ is now functional again since the upgrade to VB4.2.2 PL2 and can therefore be used to find out information about any aspect of forum usage.

If anyone has any other suggestions or requests please post them below.