View Full Version : Relocation Moving to Tenerife, advice needed!

20-01-2015, 17:50
Hey all,

At the moment I am saving up some money to make my big move and start living on Tenerife for a while.
Once I saved up around 7-9 thousand euros I will make the move which should be around March or April.
The reason for my moving is that I feel like I need a fresh more positive environment to further develop myself, things have been pretty bad for my the past years.

I am not planning for a permanent move, perhaps if I really like it but at first I am aiming for 6 to 10 months.
I am looking for a long term apartment to rent but if I can't find anything before I go I was planning on simply booking a hostel for a few days/weeks until I find something more permanent.
Far as work goes, I will try to keep working for my current employer for at least 2 or 3 days a week, if that isn't an option I will have to look for other opportunities.
Next to that I am writing a book which is something I want to put more time in once I get to Tenerife.
Also working on a software product of my own that I want to start selling.

I have some questions I hope people on this forum are able to answer.

Does anyone have a good website or contact for long term rentals?
Do I need a NIE?
What are the chances of finding a job doing software development?
Do I need health insurance? I will keep paying for my dutch health insurance(I think?)
Am I missing anything?

Also, I would very much prefer to rent something with someone else to split the cost, any advice on that?

Thank you very much!

22-01-2015, 17:19
If you habitually reside in Spain for 90 days, within that 90 days you have to apply for residencia, to do this you have to prove that you have health care and sufficient means to support yourself, N.I.E. comes with residencia. If you are in the country for 183 days you are deemed to be a fiscal resident and are required to submit a tax declaration.

23-01-2015, 13:32
Website for rentals would include fotocasa.es milanuncios.es Segundamano.com
NIE is usuful if you plan to open a bank account etc.
Jobs generally aren't easy although I have no idea about the Dutch community
the EMIC card will cover you to start with if you work you will get social health cover but if not I would think about medical cover
I wish you luck things are not easy here but you seem to Jane a good plan