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21-05-2015, 20:57
Hi all :)

I am moving back to Tenerife on the 30th May and my accommodation has just fallen through :( With less than a week until I fly I am seeking a room to rent/ apartment share in either Los Cristianos, Las Americas or Torviscas. I lived on the Island 7 years ago so I already have my N.I.E and social security number. I can pay the first months rent as soon as I arrive and would be grateful if any of you know of anywhere or could maybe give me some advice and point me in the right direction.

Best Regards


21-05-2015, 22:02
We have a 1 bedroom coming up this week in Orlando Torviscas not that nice but could be something for you to consider. Email info@propertiesareus.com

21-05-2015, 22:45
Young Golfer I lived in Orlando when I lived in Tenerife previously and it wasnt for me but I appreciate you letting me know :)
PedroSanchez Thankyou for the info I have just sent a request to join the groups

Thanks to you both for your help :)

22-05-2015, 10:31
... not that nice but could be something for you to consider ...

Wow, an honest businessman!

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is this not an advert for a commerical site - should i report it ???

Probably no need to be a tattle-tale. The link is on-topic and useful.