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15-07-2015, 13:27
Good day to everybody!

My name is Martin and I'm from Poland, so let's put all polish jokes aside for a moment ;-)
I've been through some stickies in the forum, pretty informative, but written from a British perspective
Anyway to the point: I'm an experienced expat, I've been living in various countries including UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada etc
I'm fluent in English and Spanish, obviously in Polish and have basic understanding of German and Russian
My fields are IT and marketing, but my hobbies are cooking and brewmaking
My wife has same knowledge of languages on top of that sure has university acquired teaching skills and practice, she worked as a teacher and translator
I've heard Russian is pretty useful on the island and we can make if fluent before we come, we had it in high school but didn't used it too much since then, but it's same family of languages as our native language, so no biggy
We have some 60k € saving
No problems with immersion into culture, we lived some time in Latin America, so Spanish bureaucracy, way of driving etc is a picnic to us afterwords
The question is: do we stand a chance in creating our own business or finding decent employment?
All voices are being very negative, is recession that bad really?
I'm thinking we should focus on tourist market, there are always tourists, of course nobody needs another mediocre bar or restaurant and that's no fun to run venture like it
I've been to Tenerife but this was 5 years ago and place was booming, I guess now it's a bit different
We're not on the continent so we can't fly in to check, but obviously we'll do that before deciding
For now I'm just interested in your personal opinion

Thanks a lot!

BTW My lifestyle expectations are not seriously high, I like to go out to eat, but I can cook well and I like it, I like trekking and being in nature rather than sitting in the bar late, so no expenses here
I actually prefer rural than urban, so no need for fancy condo, no need for swimming pool, hammock is just fine
Owning a car is a must, but than again I'm perfectly happy to drive some 10 years old sedan until it has a decent engine, I'm also skills in basic mechanics so I can carry most of basic repair and part changed myself
I don't care about the shopping and thanks haven my wife neither
No kids and no plans of having them
So our expenses are not high, but can we earn enough to live to the standard anyway?

16-07-2015, 12:19
It sounds as if you are in a far better position to give it a go than most who try it.......................go for it.

Good Luck!

25-07-2015, 00:52
There are also other islands where your language skills may be needed, keep your options open.