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29-01-2016, 00:26
I know it's a long shot most likely and maybe not the right place to ask but if any1 has any recommendations/knows any Spanish tutors or something of the like in central Scotland please can u maybe pass me a email in a message or something thanks. Struggling to find a private tutor in my area, only 1 Spanish school wich is a certain night a week that doesn't suit.

Any tips or advice on this subject is appreciated thanks :)

29-01-2016, 09:52
This may help....Coffee Break Spanish....from Scots teachers...Last time I looked at this site you could get all the lessons for free.

That may have changed but you can skim through the pages of these short lessons and read what they have to offer.

I've listened to a few and they are very well presented in a way that should be easy to learn.


Just noticed that the free lessons can be accessed from the strip at the top of the page! :)

29-01-2016, 10:58
Welcome to forum Kyle, just a couple of ideas, Falkirk College possibly do Spanish I know West Lothian College at Livingston
did various levels
Also if you google Spanish Tutors and enter your postcode you should get some names
Years ago I had a good Spanish lady tutor at her home in Livingston but that might be too far to travel , don't have her contact details now though
Best wishes

29-01-2016, 12:45
Thanks for advice :)