View Full Version : Employment Food & Bev Ops Mgr seeks job for relocation to tenerife

11-06-2016, 15:06
Food & Bev ops mgr seeks employment for relocation to tenerife.
Experience in Hospitality trade for 15 yrs both as team member and manager.
Looking for any type of work in tenerife due to relocating.
Have also worked as Civil Servant Officer and know my way around an office.
If anyone knows of any jobs in any of these fields please could you get in touch and let me know.


11-06-2016, 21:58
habla Espanol

12-06-2016, 07:24
Hi imablue no i don't speak spanish i am in process of learning.

12-06-2016, 09:55
Good luck.It would be a great advantage

12-06-2016, 10:03
Fab thanks for the advice ��

12-06-2016, 13:30
Hello Nicky and welcome. I presume you mean relocate from the UK to Santa Cruz rather than from the South of the Island. Santa Cruz as a city is really in poor shape except for Tourism and there is an even higher unemployment level there than in the South. I would think it would be nigh on impossible to get a job in your field without almost fluent Spanish. I stayed a weekend recently in a lovely hotel in the Capital - all the staff were either locals (and some with no English) or young people on internships with several languages (the clientele in the North has a high proportion of Germans)

You will struggle living in Santa Cruz without good Spanish - 10 years ago, before I had really mastered Spanish, I found it easier to converse in French with the older generation (50+) as that was what they learnt as a second language in school and sadly, most of the "bright young things" who have some English are already working in the UK as there are no jobs for them locally.

The only vague possibility might be giving English lessons, for which you would need a good background in TEFL: this market is pretty saturated.

12-06-2016, 17:24
Hi Doreen
I sm relocating from the UK to south Tenerife.
Thank you so much for the advice I am bery grateful I shall be booking 1 to 1 lessons to try get more than the basics.
Thank you again