View Full Version : Wanted Cleaning job wanted in Tenerife

01-06-2011, 08:48
Hi everyone I am looking for any kind of cleaning job please.I know I have advertised before but as you know the forum had a few problems. so please if you have any or know of someone who is please get in touch.:jumping:

25-11-2012, 23:05
We are in Puerto de la Cruz. Private house in Romantica II. Looking for cleaning lady for one day per week and work on demand (pre-agreed date, of course). Please send a message if you are interested in this work.

27-11-2012, 12:15
Hi many thanks for the offer of work. unforrntually tou are to far away as at the moment i dont
have any transport. thanks again for replying.
kind reguards

27-11-2012, 14:32
Hi, my name is Kimberley.
I love in Golf del Sur, and I am interested in any cleaning job. If anyone is interested, please get back to me asap.

27-11-2012, 15:08
what's about work in Puerto?

27-11-2012, 19:54
Hi sorry not being rude was you replying to me or the other lady who seems to be on my thread?
if its me where abouts?
thankyou for your patience