View Full Version : Tangerine Dream featuring Brian May in Tenerife

25-06-2011, 18:15
hi did any go to see tangerine dream last night at the magma,what a show, if you did ,any idea where i can get the dvd that was getting filmed..cheers:rock:

25-06-2011, 20:16
Photos from last nights concert here: http://www.garyhill-photography.com/#/tangerine-dream-brian-may/4552751644

25-06-2011, 20:19
i was one of the photographers there, you can see a selection on my site here: http://www.garyhill-photography.com/#/tangerine-dream-brian-may/4552751644

Davie Thistle
25-06-2011, 21:42
...........good pics,

we were sposed to go to the gig,
but could'nt get time off work!:rolleyes:
aw well, looks as if it was a brill nite!

25-06-2011, 21:47
Gutted when we found out about this gig. We flew back to UK on Friday morning! :rock:

Malteser Monkey
25-06-2011, 22:03
How did it go - any audio - legals permitting ?

26-06-2011, 08:47
no video or audio, photos only, but there is this on utube, Brian May playing we will rock you on the night

26-06-2011, 13:36
Thank you Gazza. I would have given my eye teeth to be there!!