View Full Version : Where can I buy quality daily newspapers in south Tenerife?

26-06-2011, 13:59
20 years ago I am told you could buy The Times and The Telegraph at most newsagents. Now I can only find one place in Los Chris where they have the Saturday Telegraph. Why? Is it simply the cost?

26-06-2011, 15:31
Cost ... and the internet - haven't bought a quality British or Irish paper in ages in Tenerife, I just read online

26-06-2011, 16:14
Mmmm.........not quite the same tho is it, the internet. And yet I adore my Kindle. But somethings donīt transcribe so well. You canīt chuck the laptop over to your other half or leave it lying around on the floor or on the bed with the toast, or wrap up the veggie peelings with it. You can with the Sun tho......

26-06-2011, 16:16
Buy a Spanish Sunday and learn Spanish !! - Same format , different perspective and language !

26-06-2011, 16:44
I've never bought a newspaper in years. I'm the same as Doreen, I get my news online and it's more up to date. Most newspaper news can be hours old.:)

26-06-2011, 17:07
Buy a Spanish Sunday and learn Spanish !! - Same format , different perspective and language !

I wouldnīt argue with that advice Jim. I do keep struggling with my Spanish but old habits die hard.

Chicken Shirl
26-06-2011, 22:14
There is a good newspaper shop in Las Americas opposite the Crazy golf and down the stairs...We buy the Weekend Telegraph there every Saturday afternoon.........Don't go before one o clock...........Failing that, the Airport have all the good news papers.

Red Devil
31-10-2011, 20:15
Looking to buy the Sunday Times in Tenerife - wondered whether it was for sale in either the Spar in Passarella SC in Los Cris or newsagents next door to the Mercadona at San Eugenio, anyone any idea please?

02-11-2011, 17:41
I think it possible to buy it in Sparo shops

02-11-2011, 17:46
I am very happy with the Kindle version of the Times and Sunday Times. Of course I have to pay for it but it is cheaper than the paper itself would be in the UK.

02-11-2011, 19:40
Twenty years ago you could buy The Times and The Telegraph, all be it yesterdays paper (air freighted in) at three times the price.
May be there was a higher demand at that time, created by a more discerning clientele?