View Full Version : Some UK internet providers need to seriously get into the 21st century

27-06-2011, 00:14
We currently have TV Phone and broadband with Sky. It's 29.50 for all three which includes free UK calls after 6pm and all weekend. The bill always ends up each month around 45-50 because of the stuff they manage to bung onto our telephone charges. :crazy:

Anyway we are moving at the end of July so I called them yesterday to arrange to switch everything across to the new address. I discovered we will be without phone line and broadband for at least 2 weeks as that is the way sky work. So I ended up cancelling the phone and broadband and arranging for the Sky TV to be moved on the date we need it. I told them I will use another provider for the phone and broadband.

I did some research and settled on Virgin as the package seemed best for our needs. I rang and explained I want phone and broadband. They informed me that I would fail the credit check as my bank account and cards are not registered to the address I am moving to and wanting the installation in. They advised to call back once we move. I told them to stick it and to move with the times.

Next best package was O2(Yes Telefonica!!) so I called them and explained everything that had happened with Sky and Virgin. They asked if I have a mobile contract with O2 which I have. Great, I get 5 discount a month off my bill so long as I keep my mobile contract. I asked about the credit check being a problem. No problem they will just do the checks based on where I am now and send the router to my current address. The phone and broadband will be switched on the day we move in.

Why do some companies make things so difficult and seem to move backwards with the times instead of forwards?

Added after 8 minutes:

I forgot to add that the guy from O2 tried to sell us a cheaper package than I asked for. I asked for 20mb speed but he checked and told us our new pad will get average 5mb speed so the 10mb package will be more than ample. Also he asked about our typical weekly online habits to work out if we need unlimited or a capped package. How refreshing for a company to sell you exactly what you need instead of trying to sell you more than you need at a higher rate.