View Full Version : Social meetings for walking meals or just coffee and a chat

06-09-2018, 13:19
Hi spending a lot of time here in the south alone. Does anyone know of any social group still meeting. I know the swallows used to meet in L.C. but their web site no longer works. Also there was a walking group operating out of Palm Mar. Does anyone know if these or other social meetings still exist. If not any interest in trying to start a social meeting group?

12-09-2018, 10:29
Amazing it seems that the only interests on here are football and gobbledegook

12-09-2018, 11:57
hi there, the diners meet every wednesday (tonight ) at casanueles in los cris at 7pm you pay 13 euros for a 3 course meal with half bottle of wine and bottle water. this group is a mixture of single people and couples. there is also music and dancing after the meal in the winter there can be 40 or more people in summer less.

12-09-2018, 18:43
You could try a contact on tenerifeswallows@gmail.com if they have returned to the Island.

18-09-2018, 19:06
Thanks for these replies .... Back in UK now but still very interested in keeping this topic live for my return end October. There must be people out there wanting to expand their social activities bewond drinking and football? I am just having difficulty finding them!

18-09-2018, 20:39
Years ago there was a weekly meeting at the Apollo Centre in L.C.

This catered for Holidaymakers and others resident were encouraged to contribute.

There was also a Christmas Gathering most Christmases.

I am sure there would still be interest from newer Visitors if that was reinstated?

19-09-2018, 18:28
You are talking about the Swallows Warbey the last I heard they were meeting down at the bar in The Comodoro in LC last winter.