View Full Version : Buying prepaid SIM cards in Tenerife

03-07-2011, 16:40
It wouldn't make much sense to use UK SIM card as roaming charges are quite insane. What would be the best shot in Tenerife? What about mobile internet? I have a smartphone and would like to be able to access internet whenever I need it. What are the prices and what should I expect?

El Rico PL
03-07-2011, 20:26
good topic.

03-07-2011, 20:42
The best pre-paid simm card is Lebarra.

03-07-2011, 21:14
I assume it'd need to be an unlocked UK phone to work with a local prepaid sim?

03-07-2011, 22:00
I have an unlocked iPhone which I use when I'm over. It has a movistar sim in it and seems to work out not too expensive for calls within Tenerife and for using the apps. However, i've just recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 and changed network here in the UK to Vodafone. The tariff I'm on (it's 40 a month) also includes 25mb of roaming data per day which should be more than enough for me to use when I'm over. I have tried (and ditched) an unlocked mobile internet dongle as it cost me an arm and a leg to keep it topped up and the speed was nothing to write home about....!