View Full Version : Other Where can I insure personal items in Tenerife?

05-07-2011, 19:32
Hi all,

Eg. If I was walking down the street with my family members and get robbed, our Rolex/Cartier watches get taken together with expensive jewellery and iphones/blackberry...etc...

Which insurance company can cover you ? We live in Tenerife.

05-07-2011, 20:05
Go to Schippers in the main st in Los Cristianos. They're brokers and can arrange cover with companies like Zurich.
But any decent brokerage will arrange same things

05-07-2011, 20:08
Give Anne Hobson a call , she's based in Los Cristianos and is a broker acting for Spanish Insurers , Liberty Seguros. She's long established and will give you good advice 922793866

06-07-2011, 14:21
how come-- did they attack you -- did you report it --

06-07-2011, 19:54
how come-- did they attack you -- did you report it --

No, but thanks for caring.......it is just that we alway have a fear of wearing our expensive jewellery so they just sit in the safe at the bank and my partner was thinking of selling them.... Better be safe than sorry.......