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07-07-2011, 17:10
Well, it was a wonderful surprise when hubby finally agreed to book at the last moment and we had a marvellous week in Tenerife arriving home at 03:00this morning. Not time to tell any of our usual friends but managed a couple of outstanding 'missions' in what seemed a very short week.

Our washing machine had stopped working properly two weekend days before we left in May and I was a bit worried as the emergency call-out people needed to order a new part and I was worried that the momentum would be lost if we asked them to come back in September. Fortunately after some calls in pigeon Spanish we secured a mechanic on Friday.....who arrived without the spare part...... then with the spare part on Monday late morning as we were having a Dorada (fortunately 'just the one' at that point) by the beach in Los Cristianos. I persuaded him that we could be back in fifteen minutes and thanked God, my 'o' level Spanish, and my as yet undementiad brain, that I remembered the word for 'fifteen!'
That drive back involved getting behind every sight-seeing or searching, slow-driver tourist on the island, a queue at Las Chafiras and a lorry having trouble splayed across the road. But the machine was repaired and the washing all done....phew!! No wonder we had difficulty making the mechanic understand; we found out that he was from Ecuador (more lisping accent I think), very cheerful and polite too; and I'm sure resigned to these crazy English!!
Whilst looking out for him from our balcony a large van drew up, not our man, but 9Plus with his distinctive web address. Thank you TF as I recognised it, phoned his work mobile and after the work for another, he came in, complained that I had forgotten to give him a promised cold drink, toured the switches and sockets of our apartment, filled our ears with electrical know-how and agreed to come and sort us out later in the year. OK 9-Plus....we'll be prepared.......:idea:
The heat was really too much for me which is why we rarely visit at this time of year. Amazed that our swimming pools were like warm baths when I went swimming.The great thing is the wonderful light, the glorious reds of the poinciana trees, the colours of the sea and the fabulous vegetation. The rainy winter has meant that small trees are growing on the hillsides and even the sides of the cone of Teide were thick with plants. Of course we did our day up and over to Puerto and this time Las Canadas was ablaze with glorious clumps of pink and white flowers whereas in May there were yellow flowers and the red tajinaste.
Los Cristianos is never a disappointment: a lovely, leisurely resort for all and so relaxing yet very clean and colourful. I did what everyone says you shouldn't do but ....you've got to have fun...... a looky-looky man took a new tack. We were eating our ice creams and he sat down at our table and handed me a bracelet which matched my skirt exactly. Yes I KNOW!!! I just LOVE those bracelets with shell and beads and dingle-dangles. I have about 12! I know how much they should be, so bargained away and we all laughed a lot. I'm wearing it....my summer trophy! I don't care as I won't take 'real' jewellery on holiday but try to match up with whatever I wear.

Although we went last-minute and without telling we did have some great meals and get-togethers and one was a fabulous spread with an amazing view over Los Cristianos. I really will start cooking to entertain in September but I was too hot to prepare much more than meat, fish and salad in the kitchen. I've just discovered peach Nestea.....delicious and very cooling. Also had a pleasant mint tea.
Oh well,back to PG Tips and the rain and my cardie.......roll on September!

07-07-2011, 17:14
Indeed that was sneaky ... next time .... :)

07-07-2011, 17:15
Sounds like the trip was just the tonic!