View Full Version : 2 bed apartment wanted in Tenerife

gary d
07-07-2011, 21:10
looking for a two bed and a one bed from 7.9. till 14.9 around the compostella beach area.any help would be greatly appreciated as we are looking to spend our last holiday together as a family before our eldest daughter leaves us to start her new career

gary d
08-07-2011, 16:13
can anybody help plz??????????

08-07-2011, 17:19
You will probably find that people are reluctant because of this on the "Tenerife Illegal Lettings Thread"

"Breaking News ... and I am afraid it is not good.

It has been confirmed to me, that one individual owner of just one apartment on a Residential complex in South Tenerife, has been notified that he is to be fined 18,000 euros and has 15 days to pay or appeal. The basis for the sanction is for advertising on a website in late May and the file against him was opened in early June (the person has asked that the complex not be named, so please do not ask)

Please do reconsider any ads you may have online if you are an owner on a Residential complex "