View Full Version : Mobile Phones How do you set up the Movistar messaging service?

12-07-2011, 00:14

We bought a Movistar sim card and activated it in Tenerife as we are moving there in a couple of months.

We're back in the Uk at the moment but the trouble is we can't understand the messaging service or know how to tap into the messaging service.

Can anyone give us the number you dial into your phone to access messaging and put on an answering message?

Thanks a mill!

P.S. First time on the new site but been a member for a couple of years hence why I'm not re-introducing myself!



12-07-2011, 23:54
The number is 123 from your Movistar phone but I'm not sure if you can access it from the UK.

17-07-2011, 23:38
Thanks very much! It does work from the UK. Cheers