View Full Version : Where can I see Flamenco dancing in south Tenerife?

13-07-2011, 14:47
Anyone know if theres anywhere to see Flamenco dancing in the south please

13-07-2011, 15:58
You will see top class flamenco at the Pirmadides de Arona in the Carmen Mota show Aire, I have been told they also do it at the Banana Garden on a Wednesday evening but have never been :whistle:

13-07-2011, 17:16
Thankyou Zara, i have clients who would love to see this, i will let them know

14-07-2011, 18:53
Malibu Restaurant in CC Oasis have a Flamenco show at least once a week. Cost you the price of eating there.

Carmen Mota show is in general very good. Cost 45 euros retail or less. Try not to buy from the box office, most shops will do a better deal.