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Pink shoes
13-07-2011, 20:54
Ok, jetting off to sunny Tenerife :airplane:
what holiday mistakes should you not make....and keep it CLEAN.

Forgetting passport foe example....

13-07-2011, 21:03
My sisters brother-in-law forgot to check his passport was in date ! Discovered the night before at 10pm it was out of date , was he gutted ! His family flew off without him and he had to wait 2 days to get a new passport before he could fly out and join them .

13-07-2011, 21:06
Pack clothes (if a Couple) half in one case and half in the Other, or else.!!!!
Take a float in Euros and change the rest in resort..
Dont buy Electronics/cameras from "Indian Shops
Buying "Expensive" Watches off Loolie Lookie Men.

Plenty More including DONT take more Money than You need when going out...
Some add to the flavour of the Holiday, if not expensive

Pink shoes
13-07-2011, 21:13
I have talked to several holiday makers now that have arrived and their cases have not.
I always put a set of shorts, top and swimwear in my hand luggage,

13-07-2011, 21:30
Check tickets are actually going where you want to go to! Said after friends spent 24 hours in wrong resort having not actually checked what they'd booked!

OH and passport - yup, made that mistake once already.

14-07-2011, 08:51
Make sure your Undies are clean ....................for the body search !!!!

Malteser Monkey
14-07-2011, 09:11
Oh yes Cainaries - Don't forget OH - someone has to carry the bags.

14-07-2011, 09:20
When you get off the plane make sure you have remembered your brain, and it is not left on board watching the in flight movie. So many tourists complain because they have had bags etc. stolen both at the airport and whilst on holiday simply because for some reason they do not keep their wits about them. NO it is not OK to leave personal possessions/bags etc on the beach unattended while everyone goes for a swim, NO it is not OK to get a large wad of money out in full view of people and then complain when you get mugged, NO it is not OK to leave cases and handbags unattended on the trolley at the airport while you sort out a taxi or wait for another case on the carousel etc. etc. All things that should be common sense but this seems to be left at home by a lot of people.

14-07-2011, 09:23
Start queuing in the Ryanair queue 2 hours before its due to open !!!

14-07-2011, 20:59
This may sound very obvious but make sure you have actually got the date right!:confused:

Having worked in travel agents for many years you would not believe how many people arrive at the airport a week early/late!

Another common mistake is people turning up at the airport on the wrong day as they have a very early morning/midnight flight and the check in date is actually the day before.

14-07-2011, 22:12
Don't go mad on the alcohol on the first night.
Especially if you've been up since stupid o clock in the morning & spent all day queueing up & travelling.

14-07-2011, 22:24
Start queuing in the Ryanair queue 2 hours before its due to open !!!

Make sure you've got the right queue!!;)

14-07-2011, 23:31
Don't go mad on the alcohol on the first night.
Especially if you've been up since stupid o clock in the morning & spent all day queueing up & travelling.

Every year we say we'll take it easy on the first night seeing as we've been up since silly o'clock but we never take our own advice and end up rolling in at 3am. Just too giddy about being back in Tenerife!

captain jack sparrow
15-07-2011, 00:24
When you walk out of the airport terminal building, don't assume that the queue of people at the taxi rank are all together, and are all getting in the first taxi, leaving you freely to walk up and jump in the second, ( point mainly aimed Mrs. jack sparrow ) me :run: wife:run:

15-07-2011, 00:49
Start queuing in the Ryanair queue 2 hours before its due to open !!!

Experiance talking Atlantico ?? :lol:

15-07-2011, 07:09
Make sure when travelling on Fred Olsen to Gran Canaria on the 9am ferry that you have all passports to back up your residencias and that husbands resdidencia is in date, we had to pay over 100 euros just for him, that was after we returned to the south to pick up passports. This happened a week ago.

My dad once put all his clothes to be packed for their austrailia trip on the bed, only to realise when they arrived in Oz mum had placed all the old decorating clothes he had also sorted out instead.

15-07-2011, 07:23
Ive made the mistake of being 12 hours out, only way to get to tenerife without waiting 7 days .. was to go back next day and fly to gran canaria, then gran canaria to tenerife , jumped in a taxi and told the driver playa de las americas, st eugenio and his face lit up, giving me free fags all the way . i didnt realise we were at the north airport..dear start to the hols.. got the p.ss taken quite a bit at the resort asking how i liked it here in lanzarote .. all part of the fun...

15-07-2011, 13:31
I would say, don't get seduced by the Indian blokes advertising expensive Sony cameras at 50 euros....they will sit you down in the shop and try to sell you are far less inferior model for MORE! Me and the other half fell for this a few years ago, we stuck to our guns and said we wanted the Sony one....and they wouldn't let us have it haha.

15-07-2011, 13:55
Make sure you've got the right queue!!;)
At the right Airport! :crylaughing: muppet friends of mine went to Stanstead insted of Luton! couldnīt get my head round that one until they said they booked to fly out from Luton and return to Stanstead! mental block I guess! :crazy: Same muppet friends forgot their apartment keys on another occasion...lucky we had a spare set!

Pink shoes
15-07-2011, 14:09
mr motivator and all, when I was in a shop with Oh looking at trinkets, I nearly made a mistake... the guy behind the counter asked to look at my camera which was in my hand as usual in Tenerife. I let him hold the camera ( my mistake) and after looking at it he tried to sell us a screen (so we do not get finger prints on the screen) @ 10 euros. I then began to say loudly... I WANT MY CAMRA BACK NOW!
I think he was a bit shocked! he looked at oh. Oh said she just wants her camera back as I started to Get louder.... He handed the camera back. I will not be parting with my camera again, for just for a look.

15-07-2011, 14:14
I forgot to pack HIS driving licence and even though it could have easily been faxed and we have used the car hire company many times before they absolutely refused to let us have the car.
we bussed all over the island and it was wonderful. The buses were usually on time and you got an excellent view from a greater height than you would in a car. I love the bus but he prefers to drive.

Friends of ours travelled with two young children. They had a lot of luggage so took a taxi to the airport. When they arrived at the hotel they found that they had brought the taxi-driver's car hoover in it's bag......