View Full Version : Advice needed on how to sign on at the Social Security (Paro) in Tenerife

14-07-2011, 19:04
Hi, i wonder if anybody can help? I have just lost my job and was wondering how to sign on at the Social office in Los Cris. Also Ive had contracts (some full time some part time) at all jobs Ive worked at. I have no idea and never done it before, so any advice please.
Thank you

14-07-2011, 21:40
Hey, sorry too hear about your job loss, i dont have any info on signing on but just woundered what its like out there in general work wise ???thanks for your time

14-07-2011, 22:10
Hey, sorry too hear about your job loss, i dont have any info on signing on but just woundered what its like out there in general work wise ???thanks for your time

Well not too sure yet.Had same job for 3 years now so i guess i will find out over next few days, not looking forward to it though.

14-07-2011, 22:30
jamie as a matter of interest what was your job???

14-07-2011, 22:34
I work in a hotel cooking breakfast and evening meal and abit of housekeeping. Im wanting to move abroad as this is only seasonal. I know its not a easy ride out there . Least youll have paid quite abit into the system so you can get something back frrom them

14-07-2011, 22:44
The main thing to know is that you only have 15 days from the end of your contract (baja) or thy won't even talk to you. (Unemployment (Disempleo) Offiie)

15-07-2011, 15:05
You need to go to the INEM office, not the social security office. When looking at the social security office in Los Cristianos you will see an alleyway to the left and underneath the stairs is the INEM office. When you go you need to take your NIE and passport and copies of both and also the paperwork you were given when you finished at your last job. They will give you an appointment to go back to sign all the relevant papers but as previously mentioned you need to do it within 15 days or you won't get anything. Sometimes they will complete your paperwork if you feed them come rubbish about thinking you had holidays pending but get down there asap and don't go like half ot Tenerife at 8.30, I always find about 11am is a good time to go! Good luck!

15-07-2011, 15:13
pm sent......

16-07-2011, 14:26
I am looking for a bit of advice about the paro. I have read threads on here about what to do to sign on. I know that it must be done in within 15 days and that what and when I get anything depends on my work history. I would really like to know if anyone can tell me exactly what papers I should receive from my employers when my contract ends. Should I only receive one paper? Do I need to bring all my nominas (as I am still asking for some)? Should I have a sepaarate paper detailing my finiquito?

Any help greatly appreciated.

17-07-2011, 13:09
The one essential document that will be required is the "Certificado de la Empresa".

17-07-2011, 13:14
Thanks Tenerife Pool.
It makes a big difference knowing the Spanish name of the document, that way the company can't fob me off with incorrect papers.