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03-06-2011, 13:09
Father tells of fear as children struck down by E.coli in E.Yorks (http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/9064340.Father_tells_of_fear_as_children_struck_do wn_by_E_coli/)

THE father of two young children who became seriously ill after contracting E.coli is urging parents to learn the symptoms of the virus.
Two–year-old Leah Payne, of Market Weighton almost lost her life when the potentially lethal HUS strain of the infection caused kidney failure. Her brother Joshua, three, was also stuck down with a less serious strain but also spent a week in hospital.
Dad Steve Payne, 30, said: “We nearly lost Leah. We want people to realise how dangerous E.coli can be and we don’t want anyone to go through it.”
Despite investigations by environmental health officials at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the cause of the infections has not been traced, though Mr Payne said it is unlikely to be caused by the recent outbreak in Germany. “I wondered if there was any sort of link, but the doctors here have ruled out a food source,” he said.
Leah’s first symptoms appeared about three weeks ago on what was the beginning of a “horrendous” time for Steve and partner Laura. “Leah just wasn’t herself,” he said. “She was so lethargic and didn’t want to do anything.”
He said a violent stomach upset then followed before the youngster was taken to York Hospital (http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/search/?search=%22York+Hospital%22), where the problem was diagnosed.
Mr Payne said: “She did improve over the next few days, but on the Thursday she was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary suffering from kidney failure. Within hours she was in intensive care and on a dialysis machine.”
Leah battled her way back for the next three weeks, while Josh also lay ill in another room of the hospital recovering from his own infection.
Both children are now back at home. Their father said that while Josh seemed to be fine, Leah had been more affected.
“She is on the mend now, but she was very clingy and shy,” he said. “It was horrendous thinking Leah had it. We thought we were going to lose both of them.”
Symptoms to watch out for include nausea, stomach cramping, diarrhoea with blood, fever, and vomiting.
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