View Full Version : Google news (sorted by date) on a mobile device

17-07-2011, 21:45
This has bugged me for ages - evertime I go to my personalised Google news on my mobile (on Android) there is never an option to sort by date. Now I want time sensitive news (finance, sport etc) so looking at the main headlines is useless as they are spread over 3 or 4 days. I have found it impossible to access news sorted by date on a mobile device until now.
I have created my news search in my Google account on my pc.
This I have then saved as a bookmark and added to my quick bookmarks on my browser and then I emailed the link to myself.
Open my gmail on my mobile, click in the link - ta da! news exactly how I want it. Book mark that and sorted :)
A pretty simple workaround but one I had just never implemented until tonight.