View Full Version : WANTED in Tenerife: Cheap Cross Trainer

18-07-2011, 17:18
A small mechanical one will do - thanks

18-07-2011, 17:21
Not bothered about flash electronic computer-type stuff - an older model will do so long as it works and the person can deliver it to me - thanks

Do a search Faraway, Im sure I saw one for sale on here earlier today!;)

Jelly Baby
18-07-2011, 17:35
I have one for sale. How much were you thinking of paying?

19-07-2011, 12:42
Phew - hate these sort of questions - how much do you want for it and what is it like?

Added after 2 minutes:

Thanks Suej - I took your advice. By the way, the Physiotherapist you recommended for lymph drainage was absolutely fantastic - plus a very nice lady too. I felt so much better after one visit! However, she has recommended a cross trainer for exercise as well!